About turkish women


1. 60% of Turkish women are brunettes. The remaining 40% is anything but brunettes.

2. As a rule, short stature, short legs relative to the body, big butt and narrow shoulders. Beautiful women are very few, but if she is beautiful-it is a fucking beauty.

3. Turkish women are very well-groomed. Each city lady visits the hairdresser at least twice a week, once a week manicure and pedicure. About 60% (the wrong of those who are brunettes)go in for sports and swim in the pool.

4. 20% of urban women categorically do not give before the wedding. Of these, about 10% is given, but in the other direction.

5. According to statistics, there are more unemployed men than unemployed women in Istanbul.

6. Almost every working woman has a cleaning lady or a baby-sitter. It's cheap. The cheapest and good nannies and housekeepers are considered to come from the former Soviet republics. For a month of work as a nanny in the family of my friends such a girl gets $ 300. Lives there. For the Chow does not pay.

7. 80% of girls have a dowry. It includes a chest full of all kinds of junk. I saw it. Wondered. Before the wedding, the dowry is usually shown to neighbors and relatives.

8. In the company of male colleagues to say - "No, I'm not going for lunch, I need to fix my mustache and eyebrows" - a common thing. It is also considered normal to complain of abdominal pain and gas after a plate of pea soup.

9. After divorce, children are divided as follows: in 99% of cases, boys give mothers, girls - fathers.

10. In all educational institutions it is forbidden to wear a scarf or a burqa.