Dating with a turkish man


The mentality and character of Turkish men

Turkey is a multinational country. Its population is almost 80 million people, and among the locals you can find, of course, the Turks, their about 80 percent of the population, but also the Kurds, and Greeks, and Arabs, and Iranians, and immigrants from the North Caucasus, the former Soviet Union.

Of all the States where Islam is recognized as an official religion, Turkey is the most tolerant to representatives of other religions, customs and customs. Residents of resort cities and megacities: Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, are more Europeanized in contrast to the population of regions, the mentality of which is regulated by more traditional religious and social attitudes and norms of behavior.

The boy is often raised in the family by his mother. In Turkey, there is even a saying: "Boys are closer to the mother, and girls to the father." Therefore, fathers are often very happy with the birth of daughters. That is when the mentality and areas of responsibility of boys and girls are laid. The religious aspect, despite the secularism of the country, has brought a lot to the existing system of education. Most often boys, as well as girls, before marriage do not have sexual experience. These are the requirements of the Koran, which are quite strictly observed in the Eastern regions and less strictly in the West of Turkey. It is for this reason that both boys and girls try to marry early or marry. But in recent years, the situation has slowly changed. Young men began to acquire sexual experience before marriage, because there was such an opportunity, and the Turkish society closes its eyes to this fact. And in this regard, the marriage age of men in large cities of Turkey has increased significantly. In large cities, a lot of bachelors have accumulated over thirty. But there is another explanation for this – financially interested Turkish women are very demanding to the grooms, and therefore in a big city, where people from the province flock, losers in business are in the ranks of unclaimed grooms.

Today in Turkey the coexistence of the old and new traditions create a family. Moreover, the old tradition is very slowly inferior to the new one, or rather, there is a certain updated, modernized version of it.

The old tradition is known to all. Its essence is that parents or relatives create a pair of young almost without the knowledge of the bride and groom. But such a rigid tradition at the moment has been preserved only in remote parts of Turkey or the parents of a young man can resort to this trick, if you do not want to marry a son with a foreigner. He immediately looks for a bride from the recommended and respected family. Another version of marriage looks just as in the East. It is often resorted to by elderly Turks with average incomes, who have stayed in the grooms. They practically buy a young wife in a poor province close to the border with Georgia, Iran or Syria.

Of course, the influence of European culture makes itself felt in conservative Turkey. In modern urban families there are not many children, and this affects the attitude of parents to them. Children are pampered and given the freedom of choice – young people choose their own couple, but the traditional education emerges here. Young Turks, choosing a husband or wife, do it with the reliance on cultural heritage. Girls choose young people richer, and young men-virtuous and moral girls. Many Turks still quite seriously want to marry a virgin. This confirms the continuity of traditions - how the Turks see and appreciate the family and the mother of their children. I also want to note that the younger the Turks, the more he is considered to public opinion. But it is quite logical, young Turks are often more dependent in material terms. Also, when choosing a wife, love and feelings are not given the first place.

Here it is worth paying attention to the mentality of the male Turk in the issue of relations to women in General. For the Turk is very important issue of purity of female honor, because the wife is a woman, which he will have a lifetime, divorce in Turkey is not so much. It is the aspect of possession and possession that determines his attitude to any woman and is the basis of sexual relations. Morality, tradition and trust are fundamental to the choice of a wife. He can't bear the thought of his wife and the mother of his children having been with someone before him.

Briefly about the nature of Turkish men:

- courteous and honest . ;
- always ready to help;
- attach great importance to etiquette;
- have extraordinary national pride;
- very conservative;
- attach great importance to trust;
- very polite in communicating with each other, with elders, with strangers, foreigners and other people;
- very hospitable;
- family and family ties are of great importance;
- the authority of a man in the family-absolute and indisputable;
- it is considered indecent to ask about the health of his wife, send her greetings, traditional courtesy requires to cope with the health of the family;
- not very punctual and slow, in their opinion the rush of the devil, and the accuracy is meaningless;
- they are contradictory, East and West, Asia and Europe;
- very self-critical, but reject criticism from foreigners.

About feelings

Yes, the Turks are very temperamental, and romantic, and soft, they are kind and rather unsophisticated by nature. Temperament, high potency and romance are very peculiar to fit into the traditional cultural relations. But the Turks have found a compromise to meet their romantic aspirations-adultery firmly entered the life of the Turkish men, although a few decades ago, this was difficult to imagine in Turkey. Turkish society, by and large, tries to turn a blind eye to this state of Affairs, Turkish women also prefer to put up with this fact, and not to go to divorce. It so happens that the husband just leaves the family, not bringing the case to divorce, and lives a bachelor's life for many years, not forgetting, of course, to fully provide for his wife and children.

In a country with bright sun, blue sky and warm sea flooded the flow of tourists. In recent years, the Turkish Riviera has also become fashionable and convenient to buy a house, so tourists have added and property owners. After a hard year of work, gray sky, and cold climate, the Turkish coast seems to Europeans an incredible fairy tale. The Turks are great builders, and therefore, when foreigners come to the resorts, they feel in a stylish, modern and comfortable country. In the tourist area from the Turkish identity are only the dark skin color of tourism workers, Turkish speech, well, stamps of Turkish culture, which with continued success promote the Turks themselves-tea, sweets, cotton, spices, ancient monuments with a bunch of half-truth and quite untrue myths and legends.

Gallant, smiling swarthy beauties, and often not at all handsome, together with the turquoise sea and romantic coast, seem to our tourists some exotic and, practically, equal to the sons of Ottoman sultans, hot young people. And here their most important mistake is shown. A tourist comes to the country completely unprepared for relations with people of another culture. For them, Turkish men are associated with Casanova, whom many certainly seek to curb. There are ladies and girls are quickly losing their heads, often the brain, and often the limits of decency.

Especially sad and dangerous arguments along the lines of:

- I'm on vacation, so we need to relax the full, that often implies a sex adventure and inevitable conquest as a large number of local male population. Such a relaxation of the female contingent of the house is clearly ashamed to afford. If we Express everything in one sentence-foreigners go to Turkey with their Charter, without even thinking that people in another country are likely to have a unique culture, mentality and traditions.

But it is worth, unfortunately, to note that the Turks suffer from the same misfortune – evaluate foreign women strictly within their cultural traditions and imposed by their own culture stamps. If we reduce everything to reality – namely, that for the Turk the cultural component remains mostly unchanged, the result of what is happening is, in fact, disappointing.