About turkish women

1. 60% of Turkish women are brunettes. The remaining 40% is anything but brunettes.

2. As a rule, short stature, short legs relative to the body, big butt and narrow shoulders. Beautiful women are very few, but if she is beautiful-it is a fucking beauty.

3. Turkish women are very well-groomed. Each city lady visits the hairdresser at least twice a week, once a week manicure and pedicure. About 60% (the wrong of those who are brunettes)go in for sports and swim in the pool.

Dating with a turkish man

The mentality and character of Turkish men

Turkey is a multinational country. Its population is almost 80 million people, and among the locals you can find, of course, the Turks, their about 80 percent of the population, but also the Kurds, and Greeks, and Arabs, and Iranians, and immigrants from the North Caucasus, the former Soviet Union.