Karen, 36 years old woman

  • My name: Karen Age: 36 years old

    I'm from: GB United Kingdom

    City of: Reading

    I'm need: a male 41-75 years old for relationship

    About me: without children

    Some words about myself: I'm a creative and intelligent woman who is looking for someone who isn't intimidated by that, I love to be spontaneous,  however because I have no kids, An ideal relationship is one where both parties are willing to put in 150%. My strengths  bolster his weaknesses, and vice versa. There is a give and take, an equal partnership, open communication, and a willingness to agree to disagree on some things. An ideal relationship will be based on mutual respect, love, passion, and will have no  room for dishonesty, distrust, or jealousy from either  party. have learned that I need to nurture less, and listen more. I  have learned that I need to tell my partner what I want and need, not expecting him to know through osmosis, and to expect that he will do the same. I have learned that, upon expressing my wants and needs, to be patient for my partner to decide how to fulfill them in his own unique way. I have learned to embrace our differences, revel in them, and to NEVER EVER expect to  change him.

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