Tatiana, 50 years old woman

  • My name: Tatiana Age: 50 years old

    I'm from: RU Russia

    City of: Ростов

    I'm need: a male 40-60 years old for marriage

    About me: 1 child

    Some words about myself: To begin with, I am different. Impressive and fun, serious and purposeful. Interests are versatile. From needlework to visiting the stadium and water parks; learning English and photography; I love traveling. I prefer to live in a good mood. This does not mean living with a smile in your mouth from scratch. It means accepting the world and yourself. I love home cooking very much, and with great pleasure I cook, create home comfort.      A few words about which satellite I'm looking for. There will be no long list of requirements for a man. I do not expect an ideal. He is not there. Hobbies of men I share. I think that he can have global goals in life. It may not be. A personal matter for everyone. The main thing is that our values ​​and meanings coincide, and there is a desire to be together. Of course, everyone should have a personal space.

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    Profile created: 13 August 2019

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